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General Information

Established in 1990, the Institute of Environmental Engineering at NCTU offers a graduate program leading to MS and Ph.D. degrees in Environmental Engineering. Student enrollment at the Institute is approximately 35 annually and the total number of students is about 100. Besides, there is a degree program of Environmental Technology for Sustainability being offered to the part time students through the College of Engineering (

The Institute employs 8 faculty members, including 7 professors and 1 assistant professor. Other academic staff includes 1 research associate professor and 2 post doctorates. From August 2006, the institute is also honored to have two Chair Professors, Prof. W.-Y. Sun and Prof. G.T. Yeh, who are currently Chief Scientists at the National Applied Research Laboratories ( ).

Education and Research

As a research institute in the University, education and research activities are closely related with each other. The education and research spans from traditional field of environmental engineering such as water, groundwater, air and soil pollution to the advanced environmental nanotechnology and biotechnology. During the recent five years (2001-2005), there are a total of 125 SCI journal papers being published by the Institute. This is about 3.1 SCI papers being published per faculty member per year.

Located near the Science Based Industrial Park,replica louis vuitton a worldwide famous industrial area that has billions of dollars of yields in high-tech industries such as semiconductor and opto-electronic industries, the Institute has become a leading research institute in the area of pollution control for these industries and students have been trained to solve problems which could not be found in the text books.

The research areas are grouped into four categories:

•  Environmental Nanotechnology

•  Environmental Biotechnology

•  Sustainable Environmental Technology

•  Environmental Monitoring